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10 May 2009 @ 01:09 pm
The End is the Beginning a Booth/Bones Fanmix  
So, in celebration of the bound to be awesome season finale of Bones, I made a lovely little Booth & Bones fanmix!

Spoilers may be amid below, so if you haven't seen Season 4 or last week's episode or the previews for the finale, you probably do not want to read past this point or read my ramblings about the songs and mix.



Since the finale is going to bring about a whole new beginning for Booth and Bones and since Bones finally decided she wants a baby and wants Booth to be the father of said baby, I made a mix that's supposed to describe some of the beginning I guess. If any of that makes any sense :P.

The End is the Beginning

1. Love is Worth the Fall - O.A.R.
I stole this from the Twilight soundtrack, but since Booth and Bones have been through a lot in the past four seasons it works. It's supposed to be like they're finally "together" after everything they've been through.

2. And I Love Her - The Beatles
Booth loves her, self explanatory.

3. After All These Years - Journey
It's more of a future song I guess since it's talking about a wedding and kids but after all these years they've been through a lot of crap and believed in each other, blah blah.

4. Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
I picked this song because of "There's someone for everyone" from 4x02 The Man in the Outhouse. It reminded me of that scene.

5. Hot Blooded - Foreigner
The song was in Two Bodies in the Lab from Season One which was one of my favorite episodes, so I threw it in here.

6. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
Every Booth/Bones shipper would agree that they belong together :P

7. Running Up That Hill - Placebo
Also from another one of my favorite episodes and one of my favorite songs, so it makes the mix!

8. These Bones - Dashboard Confessional
Not sure why I picked this song, but since it talks about bones, it made the mix, too.

9. With Me - Sum41
This was on another B/B fanmix, and it's also one of my favorite songs, so I put it in my own mix.

Bonus Track: 10. Beloved - Yiruma
Just a soft, pretty instrumental song that I listened to while creating the mix so I put it in here :).


DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.sendspace.com/f

I hope you enjoy. I would love comments and your opinion about the mix/artwork!!!

ETA: if someone wants to cross post this for me, I'll be forever grateful as I tried to post it on 206_bones and it came out all weird T_T
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